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Strung Out


Dreaming 03:37
[Verse 1] The storm of life Fight or flight It makes me nervous So I learn to take my time Beneath these waves Try to elate I'm here But I don't know how [Chorus] How do you keep the peace Lord knows it can't be easy on you Tangled up with me inside my head Afraid to sleep Cause the demons got me thinking I'm alive When I know I must be dreaming I know I must be [Verse 2] Gets hard to see The world's bitter sweet It's tastes like burning The fire in my eye Turn down this life I'm far too high My mind is floating now [Bridge] Dream [Chorus] [Outro] Dreaming
[Verse 1] When I was just a kid I got my heart ripped open She got caught killing it gun still smoking Well she took it to the neighbor and the neighbor had a stab Turns out it wasn't the only one he'd ever had Would have been a different story if my heart were just broken [Chorus 1] But she made sure I felt like an asshole I guess she did it just right It turns out I wasn't king of the castle Would have done it all different if I'd known the hassle But I guess I didn't know anything Yea I guess I didn't know anything I guess she did it right [Verse 2] Forward some years and I'm still a little classroom Making mistakes roll it back and hit resume Got that feeling where'd it go while the time just slips away Every single day getting closer to the grave they say life's a bitch then you die or so it goes [Chorus 2] But she makes sure I feel like an asshole I guess she did it just right It turns out I'm not king of the castle Would have done it all different if I'd known the hassle But I guess I don't know anything Yea I guess I don't know anything I guess she did it right [Bridge] (And if I'd've known) I would of done it better If I'd've known I could've got it right If I'd've known it would be ok If I'd've known it would be different Cause she sure [Chorus 2]
Vessel 02:29
[Verse 1] This vessel of mine and it's needs fears desires How silly am I to think I had control When you came to my side out of worry and of wonder My mind was too wary thought you too scary [Chorus] So suddenly my chimpanzee lizard brain reaction brought a crushing hand down and I'm so sorry that it happened but there's nothing I can do now but feel the pain you can't so I will I'm sorry little Spiderbro still [Verse 2] This vessel of mine such anxious disposition So quickly to judge and lay out decisions It's enemies within but it's lashing out consistent You should have known the danger Couldn't keep yourself a stranger This vessel of mine a jumbled bag of feelings A dopamine junkie from the receptors I am wielding And nothing must get in its way And I'm sorry that you did that day [Chorus] [Bridge] This vessel of mine This vessel of mine a jumbled bag of feelings A dopamine junkie from the receptors I am wielding And nothing must get in its way [Chorus]
[Verse 1] Most people don't know or they just don't care Their eyes are closed and they'll follow their shepherds anywhere [Pre-Chorus] Tell me have we surrendered Is it foretold or just remembered Nothing, nothing is out of control [Chorus] They like to be fooled and they'll be loving it You don't mind the cold and you'll be shoved in it [Verse 2] Blue skies turn dark and you know it's not clouds Your not sure why but you don't stop to point it out [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge] When the wolves come marching to the beat No hard feelings No hard feelings When the worms ground to join the feast No hard feelings No hard feelings [Chorus]
[Verse 1] Gotta love me a little patience Makes you feel so insecure Take it all back if I could now If it would help I'd take back all of my time Maybe I'd be a Baker Or a waiter I'm sure that can all be arranged But my persistence through this resistance Watch me blow it all away [Chorus] Oh my lord I cannot believe that I'm back here again Scared of what the world has been imagining It's not my friend The indifference blows me away [Verse 2] Gotta fear me some inconsistence They'll build you up Then let you down Take it all back to the beginning When it was me And you And everything [Chorus] [Bridge] (Oh, sorry) Oh my lord I cannot believe in [Chorus]
Rain 01:55
[Verse 1] The world feels like it's flooding Life plays a game called sink or swim And it just doesn't seem you control anything Tangled and cut up by the rocks you didn't see And I know that The world should flow like a river But sometimes it feels like we are surly damned Some broken bones from that undertow Mostly confused with the fact that we lived And I swear [Chorus] I've seen flowers that can bloom no matter how much rain they get [Verse 2] Some folks will tell you it's natural Others afraid that it comes from mistakes Know what that say about the weather these days Most'll get pissed on while a few get real paid But I swear [Chorus]
Plant Matter 03:41
[Verse 1] I'm gonna be my own destiny Tear right out the ground Tear right out the ground I keep feeling like I'm growing When will I reach the top? Cause I can't wait to Break through the soil Reach out and greet the sun [Chorus] Let me seed let me breathe let me think it off Don't fret about me I'm coming up Even though I may get tangled and toil One of these days I'm gonna break through the soil [Verse 2] It always feels like night time Only me inside my head And how I want to live Please bring back the rain again And oh how sweet it feels When the earth quakes the seed breaks the walls they start to give [Chorus] [Bridge] And although the keys to life I hold I'm still down on my own [Chorus]
Don't Go 04:00
[Verse 1] It was a short sharp shock at 3 O'clock in the morning And you weren't there Alcohol in the air and you were lost in the moment They told me to calm down Not to flip out That it wouldn't help a thing But I was too confused to use my rationality Cause you were gone and things got scary Oh my god just the thought of you All alone in that big city [Pre-Chorus] And I swore that By hell or high water I would return their daughter To a home I hadn't made And the thought that I might loose you Well it tasted just like bile And it made me ever certain Made me know that I would find you [Chorus] Cause I'll search the low road I won't stop until I find you Your the only way that I know home So please don't go [Verse 2] My heart just stopped Fell to the ground started screaming It wasn't fair My throat still full of pennies From calling to thin air And I wanted you back so bad it hurt my soul [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge] I want to feel your weight in my arms Hold on Hold on a second [Chorus]
Strung Out 06:40
[Intro] Breathe Breathe Speak indirectly to you now [Verse 1] Open your eyes we're here There is no need to panic anymore This has happened all before And you've made it Welcome to your front door [Pre-Chorus 1] See you waiting for the world to set you free Sitting at the bus stop For what seems like centuries Get up and walk down that street Even when the voices come calling out your name Do you feel like loneliness gave you the only path to take (Down that street) [Chorus] A satellite on a lowly orbit coming round the bend I think I have seen it all before [Verse 2] Let strength take the place of fear Your getting closer each and every year to that graduation day So upon this thought we prey On the weakness in our lives And all those that would waste our time [Pre-Chorus 2] See you waiting on the world Even when the voices come calling out your name [Interlude] Do you feel your lost control Stringing you up Pulling out your ego's brash convictions You're on trial but nobody's trying to hurt You hear Will you listen? Or are you just a... [Chorus] [Bridge] I've got my head out of sand And my heart is on fire Stand tall like the pilers that made me The wind and the rain will conspire to take away land So we must lend our hand to reach higher ground The only way back is to climb through the Aether We once were the child and source Now none I've herded the sun to expose what it's done To a soul that's been reaped of desire That's all but known by me But I guess that's how it's supposed to be [Pre-Chorus 3] Even when the voices come calling out your name Do you feel like [Chorus] [Outro] Even as it's all said and done I'm looking towards a time when I may open up my eyes and watch it All come home All come home
Touché 01:57
[Verse] In their eyes Human resources and candle light vigils All byproducts of mans desires Won't mean anything at all Cosmic dance And falling victims of it's circumstance Hold lore before them and their God shale be forgiven It won't mean anything at all [Chorus] And the world that we captured in the photographs Of the nights reminiscent of the dreams we had Want to know so bad But we'll never know We'll never know Touché it's all ok Life's worth living in It's ok you'll have more days life's worth living in


released November 16, 2013

Artwork by Ashley Bonneau





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